Dolce Far Niente

Dolce Far Niente
First the backing track, later the guitar part or ?


I like this. Just the Backing Tracks are inspiring. Dolce Far Niente, I also like this title. Let’s let go of this sometimes breathless daily life. It’s a great setup. I can’t wait to hear the guitar parts that will be added to this.

Good continuation!

Rene thanks,

I have doubts about the choice of guitar sound.
Acoustic classic, Strat “clean” or Les Paul overdrive?
Or a combination. Modest or impressive.
It will be a challenge.


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I believe that all choices can be good.

What counts is the melody and the counter-melodies (perhaps) which will enrich these superb Backing Tracks.

Do this with your heart Vanhaye and things will fall into place. The melody…

I liked what I heard here, and what I saw in your video (the Spring and Summer shots did my heart good on a cold and windy January day in NY!).
It’ll be fun for you to work with your various guitar choices. As a matter of taste, I think an overdriven Les Paul might overwhelm the beauty or mood a little, but that’s just my mental imaginings of where it might go. You’ll have to see that yourself, and you may be right about that being something that will please you and the listener. If it was my recording, I might go with a nylon string, possibly going into something electric and jazzy. That’s just me. This is a door for you to go through.
One thing I’ll also mention is that the high hat is slightly choppy at the end of what I’m guessing may be a 4 bar loop you’re using. It’s not critical in the end, but it does slightly assert itself into the otherwise smooth and mellow mood you’ve created. If I’m right about a loop, smoothing that transition from the end of the 4th bar to the beginning of the next one might be something you’d want to look into.
In any case, have fun with this.


you always create mind blowing tracks. This works on its own but I know how you add great guitars to give an extra perspective. Go for it!


Clean Les Paul. Definitely. Tone.