Donation Cubase 6.5


A friend would like to donate cubase 6.5 with the elicenser. I would like to know if I can transfer the account to my name and if it is possible to upgrade to cubase 9 pro.

I asked if he has the code and all that is needed. He told me:

That code I’ve just ignored since I got it because that does not work. All I do is: I simply install everything, then I go to the windows firwall and block the internet connection so that cubase has no internet access … done that, Ilok and open the cubase … a message appears asking for registrations, all I do is click on the message that says “do not remind me more” ready, just use … Now if you try to leave it with connection to the internet the first thing that will happen is that the elicenser program will not work because it is outdated and you will also need to actually do the procedure to validate the key.

What should I do?

Contact Steinberg support…

All sounds a little sketchy to me… :confused:

This key is likely either stolen or purchased through fraudulent means.