[DONE!] Separate locator and punch in/out ranges!

Dear all,

wouldn’t it be nice to be able to set a musically relevant repeat (=loop) section and the have punch in/out available as a subset of that section?
Just so that I can play several passes of something, hearing most of what’s already there and just replace a small part of it?
And: I think I’d also like to ask for a pre/post recording function for punch in/out in order to be able to connect a punched in passage better to the preceding and following parts. Makes sense? Just record a second or so extra as a head and a tail.

Both suggestions together would be awesome!


Does this not make sense? Maybe I’m missing something…?


+1 I like the idea

Regards :sunglasses:


On top of this, I would like to optionally but clearly define the start and the end bars for 2mix in the project property.

No, no… its perfectly sensible Benji… Defining a separate recording loop -within-a-Locator-cycle- region is a really good idea…!

DigitalPerformer and Harrison Mixbus have this capability IIRC



Yes, +1 to the first suggestion.

An alternative, and maybe better, approach would be to just have an option to make pre-roll/post-roll loopable (now pre-roll/post-roll is only valid for first repetition), when recording from Left Locator.
Locators and punchin range could then be untouched. Just preroll/postroll for every loop, if that option is choosen.

Well, the point is to have 2 separate loop ranges: one outer loop range for playing with one inner loop range for recording.

Actually, there’s an old feature request for this here:

Also, there could be visual indicators in the Ruler when Punch-in/out is active (red locator flags), and for Preroll/postroll (another flags in another color) [when recording from Left Locator].
More about that in separate FR here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=228&t=70773

Your second suggestion does not really make sense to me practically. Either you are in recording mode or not. How would pre-record work? But I understand what you’re aiming for. You could solve it by recording into another track with an extended punch-in range. Then adjust your timing/quantize as needed and move it to the intended track.

Logic had this in 1998. :unamused: or :laughing: is the :question:

Starsprinkler ( :sunglasses: ), thanks for the clarification on point 1, that exactly what I’m looking for.

About the second part of my request: Well, with a regularly recorded part I can just enlarge the event and find the best transition between it and he surrounding material. Would be cool to be able to do that with loop recorded or punched in/out material as well.
Well, I kinda expected it to work actually first time I tried… :cry:


I think I have added this FR every year since the first SX

… and I was standing right behind you :stuck_out_tongue:… +1

Hi devs, I ran into this again today.
Pretty please?

Thanks for all the hard work!

Implemented Feature Request in 8.5! :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:
Great, thanks for that! Was needed.

Yup, we’re done here. Could just as well delete the thread…:sunglasses:

And I really like the implementation of this, tried it the other day, and it feels like it’s been there forever, or rather, couldn’t believe we just now got this…
Anyway, awesome!


I truly hate this. How can I get rid of it and get it back to the way ti was. Now all my workflow is fucked and I have to go back to using mouse again… Is there a way of setting punch in/out to be equal to left/ right locators??

Love it, best feature in recent years. Hope to see more of these workflow enhancements in the future.

@homebewprod: Look in key commands: “Lock punch points to locators”. Set it to some key, hit the key, and the red punch in/out triangles disappear, because they’re now the same as the L/R locators again.

Thanks, found that. Trouble is that the implementation is not well though through and note at all tested:

  • Cubase forget the setting, and the old way should be default, not the new one.
  • when l/r locators = punch points, punch in/ out is not deactivated on record
  • when punch in/out is activated cubase start recording onto the active track when you hit export
  • manual punch in / is also faulty now: punch in/ out outside punch range, automatically undos the recording and jump back to the start.

… So boys pls don’t say you love it before you’ve tried it. This is among the sloppiest new feature implementing it seen in a long time.