Done with 12

So many issues in 12.0.10 I’m done. I’ll check back in a few months to see if its stable. It wont’ load outside of safe mode, it won’t quit, it gets stuck on initializing content. The list goes on and on. Such crap.

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11 is fine… Everything works as expected, no issues. Whomever is PM’ing 12 should be fired. If this had happened in my company the PM would be gone. Bewildering developmental incompetence, incomprehensibly terrible testing and legions of users happy to work for free to get this shitshow into production shape. If you can’t ship working code in 2022 you should not be in the game. And before anybody asks I have been in the software business since 1981. This is the worst, and I mean THE worst release since 6.5 when I started with Cubase. Steinberg really needs to reflect on whether it wants to be in business in five years.

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Could be much worse, eg, try Avid. Dreadful, unethical company. Perhaps some flaws here for now, but I imagine this will come together over time & with a few point updates. In my long experience with many vendors in this area, Steinberg /Yamaha still remain engaged and thoughtful, but yes, sometimes make mistakes for sure. Try the new .1 update and see how that goes; try talking to them with bug reports etc.

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You haven’t mentioned any single issue in your thread. How can we help you?

A fresh reinstall and cleaning up my VSTs fixed a lot of my crashing issues. Its not perfect but there’s always bugs every patch. Part of software.

Most people, including me, don’t have a single one of these problems. So, there is some interaction going on for you between Cubase and something else on your machine (plugins, installed software, hardware, other running processes etc)

Waiting for the next version won’t fix that - if you let us know more details of your system, and dumps etc, it might be possible to fix them.

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CB Pro 12 is working well for me, no nasty surprises with 12.0.0 and now with 12.0.10.
Most stable upgrade in years, but YMMV.

MacOS, btw