This program worked fine for 8 years…8 years and not a problem. I paid for it and I have the right to use it. I have produced 100’s of jingles and songs on it. I have spent 20 hours trying to get to re-registered…I have uninstalled & re-installed it 20 times as administrator, as the pope and as anyone else that I prayed to to make this stupid licensing work… there is nobody to even talk to on a phone to resolve issues. It is now off my machine and I will NEVER purchase another Steinberg product. I’m sure no one will give a shit, …DONE

For those wondering, this guy is using Cubase LE4 (unsupported since forever), which he probably got for free with some audio interface.

If you still have the box of whatever you got Cubase LE4 with, create a MySteinberg account and try contacting support through your MySteinberg. They may be able to help you.

Threatening to never buy a Steinberg product is pointless. Forgive me if I’m wrong but you’ve been using a extremely gimped version of Cubase for 8 years you probably never paid for nor were you planning to buy anything from Steinberg to begin with.