Dongle Always Plugged In?

Just getting Cubase up and running…do I have to have the dongle plugged in all the time to use Cubase? Thanks.



As long as you are running Cubase, yes (or any other app which has a license on the dongle).
But if you use your PC or Laptop besides Cubase & Co. you can remove the dongle and store it in a safe place. This can make sense but also can not make sense (pluggin out / in may harm the piece of hardware). If the dongle is not all the time plugged in it might save the hardware (not really sure how long the internal storage can operate). Also, if a dongle is unused in a computer which is shared by others, it may get lost, which is then the worst case.
BTW: ensure to update youe eLicenser version regulary and run the eLicenser app afterwards and let the maintenance process run.