Dongle annoyance and Zero Down Time

Well, I screwed up :confused: Hopefully I just left my dongle on my desk but either way, it’s not with me and I won’t be back home for 2-3 weeks. Which means I can’t use Cubase Pro.

Is it my fault? Yep! Is Steinberg apparently stuck in the 90s with their licensing methods? Absolutely!

A license can be verified online monthly via a Steinberg server and they would have happier customers… and most likely, more customers.


You can’t use Steinberg Zero Downtime?

This is from Steinberg:

This is how Steinberg Zero Downtime works

In case of emergency, each USB-eLicenser registered on MySteinberg permits you to submit one online request for a Steinberg Zero Downtime license which can then be stored on a spare USB-eLicenser and allows you to use your Steinberg software for another 25 operating hours.

Not very helpful.

You can’t buy another USB key online? After reading downwards from after your citation from that page, it looks like that would be an option.

Zero downtime gives you… a one time key… that is only good for 25 hours… that you have to put on a new dongle you must buy. Again, not helpful. If I was in a crisis situation with a deadline right in front of me, I would do that and that is what type of scenario that one time will be saved for but for a practical solution… it’s not much help at all.

I really wish Steinberg would make a sticky thread with an announcement that says “Yes, yes, we’re aware of people complaining about the dongle and we’re working on it…” which is what they’ve said in threads.

Because it’s getting a bit annoying to hear these complaints in new threads so frequently.

PS: Here’s what I did; I wrote a checklist that I printed out and shoved in my laptop bag. It contains everything that needs to go into the bag. When I load the bag to travel with my laptop I check the items on the list as I pack the bag. That way I know what’s on the list is in the bag.

Not forgetting to pack a dongle isn’t really that hard I think.

But if you read the entire page, you will see that they will also replace licenses from lost/stolen USB keys.

Every daw without a dongle required is cracked. Presonus method of 5 licenses per purchase is amazing and if that daw keeps getting better I could see my self switch…maybe. But it’s too easily cracked. Ableton, cracked each release. Yes the newest stein berg stuff is cracked but if you check those places out those are half assed attempts. We may not like the dongle that much, but what is the alternative? Even a call / response from a BAS ( back end service ) can be mocked / cracked.

Like Steve said, read the rest:

This extension > provides the opportunity to apply for > a permanent replacement of your license(s)> .

Our support team verifies your request straightaway and sends via e-mail the activation code(s) required for your new license(s).

In other words the effect of this appears to be:

  1. Go buy yourself another dongle before this happens again. (I have a spare dongle, I’ve never had to use it. But just in case the one I use breaks.)

  2. Next time you forget your dongle, use ZDT to get a temporary license and go through the process of getting that installed on your spare dongle (that you may have to buy in a store if you didn’t bring the spare).

  3. Before the 25 hours are up you presumably get a new permanent license(s) that go on that new dongle. The old license(s) is now obsolete. You’re back to where you were before your troubles.

Or did I miss something…?

Maybe only that you can buy the new dongle after or before. Point is, they give the user new activations. Yes, of course I bought my spare dongle when they started ZDT, and have it at the ready with its 25 hr license on it. And, to the OP, 25 hours is of actual, timed use of the programs.

You’re getting annoyed at what you are choosing to read… alrighty then… but… thanks for the packing tips :unamused:

I purchased my DAWs. I am working on Presonus Studio One Professional 4.6 now.

I am aware of that. My point is the current Steinberg method is dated and annoying. There shouldn’t be a need for that.

I’m aware of that.

We all find different things…

For you it’s dongles, for me it’s seeing posts about being annoyed about dongles. I suppose it escaped you that the thread title says nothing about you whining about dongles, so I actually had to read the first post before I knew it was something I’d be annoyed reading. Hopefully you can see the problem.

Shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t… shouldn’t be a need for people in content creation to worry about people taking their stuff without paying either, right? But such is life: Some people just don’t play by the rules and then the rest of us suffer. Well, I suppose this is a first-world problem of a fairly high order, but I’m sure you get the drift.

You’re welcome. Though I’m guessing you didn’t really think that was helpful at all even though I mentioned it in the hopes that it actually would help. But whatever. This thread is for venting, clearly, so; mission accomplished no?

Your comprehension skills need some work but that’s not my problem.