Dongle Anxiety / Panic Attack!

Here’s something that has never happened to me before. I have been running Cubase Pro 11 since its release. Apart from the activation hiccups at launch day, it has been rock solid for me. By far and away, the most reliable version of Cubase I have ever used. Anyway, I have been beavering away on some new songs and finished a session last night. I fired it up this morning to check on the mix and BAM! No licence found!. No Cubase for me!

I fired up the eLicenser and Cubase 11 wasn’t even listed!

I next fired up the downloader application, and it ran yet another update of the eLicenser app. I looked again and sill no Cubase 11.

And then I noticed that it was only showing my soft e-licenses - my USB dongle was not there. I looked round the back of the PC and the light was on, though. Anyway, I unplugged the dongle and slapped it back in again, and it was immediately picked up by the app, and it’s off to the races we go.

Panic over. Never in 20 years of dongle use has it ever become disconnected (if that’s the right word). If it happens again, I guess I will need to buy another dongle.

I had this a few months ago, including the panic, 1 time. No new dongle and no problem after this incident. You could buy one but it could have been anything, usb port, usb driver, win10 hiccup, dongle driver, etc etc.

The latest win10 update did something similar on my system. After two reboots everything was normal again.
So before you start poking the bear (system), try rebooting more than once.