Dongle broke :(

My dongle broke today. I slightly knocked it a few days ago as it was plugged in and today it fell apart.
I produce on a laptop with 2 USB slots and annoyingly one is taken up by a elienecer dongle.
I hate this so much!

Any one know what i can do about this?
I have a lot of work on and need cubase working

Its Saturday and customer service is not open till monday.

I love cubase but unfortunately the dongle is causing my so much stress. :cry:

Thereā€™s a zero downtime system availableā€¦ But you need another dongle into which you can download a temporary licence you can use while SB Support sort out your problem.


Thanks Mike ill check this out now.

Wish there was digital version of the licence so i donā€™t have to plug a USB in all the time. Its a liability

The information in the link states the following:

Requirements are as follows:

  1. You have a MySteinberg account.
  2. You registered the USB-eLicenser of concern within MySteinberg.
  3. You own another USB-eLicenser to download the temporary backup license!

    I donā€™t have another USB-eLicenser.
    I havenā€™t made the mistake of buying software that requires a USB dongle before until i recently bought Cubase. Would i not be able be able to download this onto a normal USB stick?

Unfortunately you canā€™t move it to a normal USB stick like some manufacturers allow, nor licence it to just one machine instead of the dongle (although the eLicencer can do this but its unavailable for CbPro!).

You will definitely need another dongle, and Support wonā€™t be able to help you until youā€™ve got a new dongle because thatā€™s the only way of authorizing it. Best to get one ASAP.

Some people keep a spare in a draw just in case. I bought a new generation one years ago because mine was looking a little bit long in the tooth and Iā€™d bent it a few times already. The old one is now my spare, I hope it still works!


Still wondering whatever happened to the compact elicenser shown at for right hereā€¦would be a lot harder to break by bending.

Thanks for the info Mike.
Ive managed to fix the USB with some tape. It works as long as i donā€™t move my machine

Grim, the smaller USB on the right is the one that i haveā€¦
I can imagine how much of a nightmare the larger USBs must be for the travelling producer.

In general the USBeLicenser is very inconvenientā€¦ My friends who mainly use Logic all laugh at me when i moan about it. :unamused:

The thing is Cubase is amazing! Im really happy with itā€¦ I donā€™t think ill ever move to another DAW
But the USB dongle is just pure dumb. It takes up a valuable USB slot (macbook pro only has 2) and is a liability for damage or loss for the musician on the move. Simply just resting the laptop on the side of the bed after a long night working bends the USB slightly weakening it.

I would be happy to pay Steinberg extra to have a digital alternative for licenceā€¦ So i can work in peace like my friends on Logic

Really feel like ranting moreā€¦. but ill let it be

Lol, great repair, my old knakered retired dongle looks quite a bit similar!! My new dongle has a long piece of fluffy wool attached to it so Iā€™m not likely to lose it, knock it, break it, etc. on the occasions that it has to go out of the studio with the laptopā€¦ I also use Logic too and that indeed is a joy to be dongle-less but, hmm, its not as comprehensive as Cubase.

BTW, now you have your dongle repaired its very easy to transfer the licence to a new one in the eLicence softare.


You could use a hub, anyway I find the dongle a great way of moving between computers, without sacrificing copy protection.
If I had to work on a laptop, I would put the dongle in a hub and the hub in a box with only the USB cable coming out.
If the connector or cable breaks I would still be able to remove the dongle from the box and use it.

Grim, the smaller USB on the right is the one that i haveā€¦

Interestingā€¦If I could buy one of these to replace my longer one I would do so in a heartbeat!
As far as I can see all retailers of replacement dongles are still selling the longer versions.

I had similar problems and solved it it with a simple solution:

I used a box that usually comes with gift USB keys, and an usb extension cable and made a case:
Its not pretty but helps to protect the fragile dongle plastic. Im usually mobile and need to move the dongle around. This also helps to prevent losing it.


That is an even better idea.

HI i have just received a new elicenser USB. Can someone please advise me on how best to transfer my licence from the old dongle to the new one?

Ive had a look at the elicenser control centre software but it is not very clear on how to do that


EDIT - - -

Ive figured it outā€¦ For anyone facing a similar issue, just plug in both USBs and drag the licence from one usb to another within the software.

Im sure this new USB will last another month and ill have to pay another Ā£25 for a new one :imp: