Dongle dangling

I have decided to do a lot of my cubasing on a laptop and only finish it off in the studio with all the gubbins.

One concern I have is the vulnerability of the dongle which is dangling in a easy to be damaged way out the side of the laptop.

Is there an alternative to having this like this - i.e. a mini usb version, something I can buy to download ‘softlicence’ or do I have to acquire a cracked version just for the laptop?

I can’t be the only one with this problem?

No alternative.

Even though technically it’s not piracy (as you have the license), if you download a cracked version you are supporting piracy.

You’re not. However, people live with it. Find a solution that works for you.
Protect the dongle. It’s worth (insert price of Cubase here).
Granted, if it gets damaged (beyond being able to retrieve your licenses off of it) and it’s registered in mySteinberg then the license retrieval process is usually painless (just contacting support and having another dongle on hand).

Just put it on a short USB extension cable so it’s not actually sticking out of your laptop, job done.

I’m using an adapter to avoid damaging the connector.

Something like this:

I think It is better than connecting the dongle directly every time.

Aloha and +1
Wish I could just have it installed inside the laptop tho’.