Dongle delivery time to Paris, France?

I purchased Cubase and the dongle off the website 3 days ago. I have a decent project I’m currently working on now with Cubase Elements demo. How long does it typically take for the dongle to arrive in the mail. I’m in Paris France if that helps.


Hello there,
I don’t have the answer to your question but I can tell you that I currently live in Germany and this doesn’t seem better so far. I ordered Cubase 2 days ago (on Thursday) and I still have received 0 information about delivery. I’m guessing this might be due to the high demand on Black Friday period.
Also now is the week-end so I don’t expect any update before monday but i’ll keep you updated if I see anything new on my side so maybe you can assume your case will follow.
At least I hope my message can make you feel less alone for now and I bet many other people right now are in the same situation as us.

I guess that makes me feel better. Im a little annoyed this is how we are starting our relationship. Like I said I am currently working on a project, I do this for a living and I’ll have to go back to Logic to finish it. It would be nice to have SOME sort of communication from them. It was actually Nuendo I ordered.

I wanted to keep you updated in case you are still waiting and have no info on the current state of your order.
I received the order confirmation by Asknet on December 6th and DHL just delivered the dongle today (so it took 2 days after the confirmation). Overall it was pretty fast, so if you already received the invoice by Asknet, then this shouldn’t take long I assume.

Here’s my update. Sorry Ive taken so long as I mentioned I am in the middle of a project currently so I’ve been wrapped deep in that. I ended up ordering another eLincenser from a store locally in town, they both came in on the same day. I believe a week later Steinberg returned my message support ticket. Never had tracking info etc. A little annoying but ■■■■ it. Im working and I don’t have time to complain.

Oh this is the worst timing…
I’m glad Steinberg is getting rid of the dongle for the licence activation, this will avoid problems like that in the future !
Good luck on your projects !