Dongle & Dorico

Hi ,probably a newbie question. I have Dorico 3.5 and it works perfectly even if I use a dongle from an old version of cubase (2009). If the dongle breaks, is it still possible to make Dorico work in a sort of “emergency mode”? Otherwise the dongle can only be purchased from the Steinberg website?

Read this page about Steinberg’s “Zero downtime” policy:

Thanx, :slightly_smiling_face: this means that you must have a spare usb for safety.
Then a new activation is required on the spare USB.
Thanks again! :+1:

You could put the new licence on the computer, if you don’t have a spare dongle, I think.

The team here have provided 30-day licences in extremis. It’s also worth getting a free Dorico SE licence, so that you can do something, even if it’s just entering two instruments per project.

Good to know about the zero downtime, I do indeed have two licensers for my two studios and they’re registered so I guess I’m good to go there. I did get a copy of SE with the hope that I could do some limited stuff in my second studio, but the two inst limit is just too limiting. Kind of wish I had bought a second copy of Dorico on the sale as I thought.