dongle failing to initialise

Suddenly not recognized by W7, have to take it out and put it in to get my puter to see it…no exclamation marks in devices so not sure what to do…

any help appreciated…ta :slight_smile:

Is it in a USB hub? If so, try a different port on the hub. I found that swapping the location of my eLicenser and iLok3 locations on the hub resolved issues with the iLok occasionally not turning on. If it’s in a hub and the issue persists, you could always try connecting directly to the PC or laptop. If it’s not in a hub, you can try an entirely different USB port on your PC or laptop if you haven’t already.

Some stuff to think about…

You post has got me thinking to purchase another new USB eLicenser to have “just in case”. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Guys, thank you for replying…I have tried various ports and sometimes it initializes for a few days then gives up again…weird!
and yeah, having a spare dongle is a good idea…I have one in my top drawer for the time it happens…which it surely will…

best, Kevin

Why don’t you try the new dongle? While the old still works it is easy to transfer, drag and drop with both connected. If the new one works reliably you know the old one is failing.

interesting idea…didn’t know you could connect both dongle to your puter at the same time…will give it a shot…ta! :slight_smile: