Dongle free or not dongle free, that is the question?

I’ve tried to be dongle free but every time I remove the dongle and power up Cubase Pro 12 loads, however without exception I get this message ”Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or time-limited licenses have expired” The instrument set I’m unable to load is HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

I still do occasionally work on the road, I don’t travel with my dongle anymore (pardon the pun!) as my dongle is approaching around 20 years old, sadly time hasn’t been kind to the dongle, bits have dropped off it, it’s like a skeleton of it’s former self.

I still have a couple of fav. sounds I regularly rely on from HALion Symphonic Orchestra, so I’m enthusiastic about still having a licensing system without a dongle that works. Is it that ageing instruments/libraries, which licenses are still bound to the USB-eLicenser system/dongle?

Anyone got any ideas?

Here is the list with SB software which uses the new licensing system:

Halion Symphonic Orchestra supports both the dongle and the new system according to that list, and you need to actively switch to the new system, like described here:

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That’s fixed it, :clap: thank you.

“Yesterday I was Dongle free but today I’m not!”

Yesterday thanks to some great

help from a forum member I managed to eliminate and retire (I thought) my ageing dongle from its USB port.

Around 24 hours has now passed and I’m just about to start a new dongle free Cubase project, when I activated the HALion Symphonic Orchestra track I was given the error message “NO LICENSE FOUND” - aargh!!!

Yesterday to double/treble check I quit and rebooted Cubase 2/3 times after removing the dongle to see if everything was stable, it worked perfectly dongle-less so I was confident, all was good. Not sure why today it needs the dongle inserting to work.

Has anyone any ideas please?

I’ve had these kind of weird licence issues couple of times. Launching Steinberg download manager or library manager magically fixed the issue (can’t remember which one). One time I had to wait over night to fix it, but that was probably a server issue. I still can’t understand why it suddenly loses it’s license. Now it hasn’t happened with my new computer, fingers crossed.


Try to start Steinberg Download Assistant and keep it to update all components (Steinberg Download Assistant, Steinberg Activation Manager a eLCC).

I am completely dongle free. Happy days

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UK.SAINTS - You are my hero, but how do you become dongle free?


I’m also dongle-free.

I updated all Steinberg software (by using Steinberg Download Assistant), all components and transfer all my Steinberg licenses available for the new licensing system already.

I updated all Steinberg software (by using Steinberg Download Assistant), all Virtual Instruments, Expansions packs and transfer all using the new licensing system.
In a previous post, there is a link to all Steinberg product compatible win the new Steinberg License.

It should take no time to get it updated.

Best luck.

Thank you all for your help and guidance.

I’ve tried and failed with Steinberg Download Assistant.

I’ve obviously followed the recommended link, thank you. I get so far with the Download Assistant and then I’m told that my activation code can only be activated once (which it is) The HALion Symphonic Orchestra (Box) was originally activated on 03/07/2008 plus there is only one redeemable voucher on My Steinberg page for Splice. There’s no sign of anything to help me migrate my licence from its current home of the eLicenser.

I’ve now ask Steinberg support to issue me (if doable) with a new activation code. Hopefully that should take care of the mess I’ve generated. In the meantime I’m working with my trusty old battered dongle inserted happily programming some tuned percussion on the somewhat diva-ish HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

Sadly and somewhat embarrassingly I have to hold my hand up and say it’s down to operator error at my end.


Have you made sure that your Halion Symphonic is actually on your Steinberg account? You can check when you login, the go to “Products” → “Show E-Licenser based Products”. Your product must be there to get a voucher.
Maybe you used a different account for the registration of Halion Sonic back then?

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Thanks for the help.

I’ve double checked and the HALion Symphonic Orchestra is visible plus activated on the Show eLicenser-based products menu and on the correct Steinberg account.

I’m still awaiting Steinberg to respond to my ticket request of 3 days ago, hopefully they’ll be able to advise me on how to fix the issue, possibly with a shiny new activation code.

I’m still hanging in there.

Thank you everyone again.

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Hello, I had the same issues. Only the vst T guitar and E Bass.
I must confess I am not completely dongle free. The plug ins were not recognized anymore after moving to the new licence in halion 6 or sonic but still in SE. But I still got the same message your talking about. At the end I removed these plugins en reinstalled again and no message anymore. But these plug ins are still not recognized by halion 6 and Sonic . If I have to use them I have to use them in SE. In the future I will update to Halion 7 and the Sonic version presuming it will be recognized again in Halion due to the new licence system.


If you update your HALion Sonic SE 3 to the latest HALion Sonic SE 7, it should work in the HALion Sonic SE 7 already.

Yes, you need HALion 7 generation (HALion Sonic SE 7, HALion Sonic 7 or HALion 7).

Hey Martin

Thanks for the lift.

I’ve tried that, thanks for the tip but it unfortunately didn’t flush out the problem. I did have the HALion Sonic SE 7 update installed, to play safe I reinstalled it, sadly it raised the familiar licensing messages.

I have raised a ticket with Steinberg Support on the 6th May which remains unanswered, fingers crossed they have a solution to resolve the problem, possibly involving reissuing a new activation code.

Sorry if I’ve missed something, but do Electric Bass, T Guitar and LoFi Piano still need the dongle? I’m dongle free apart from these three. The new licensing system is great BTW.


You can always find the updated list here.

Thanks, it looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer,

I’m now dongle free - it turns out I’d missed a step in the transfer process.