Dongle from C5 vs the latest version

Hi, guys.

I’d like to know are there any benefits (except dimensions) from buying the latest version of dongle? I own one from the Cubase 5 times, so is the latest version of it any faster or stable or…?


It should run pretty much the same. The processor introduced with the second (2003) revision should be fast enough to allow Cubase to run about as fast as if it didn’t require a dongle. Any further improvements would be unnoticeable.

Romantique Tp Thank you!

I have the first generation eLicenser for Cubase still. Not a single problem since SX1.
I also have the second generation Nuendo eLicenser (the first were a printer port dongle) with no issues.

So no worries I would say :slight_smile:

I’ve been using my first generation dongle from SX1 (2002) and hadn’t noticed any problems. Was running 9.5 fine. Romantique Tp noted that I would get better performance with a newer dongle. I was a little skeptical as i’d gotten used to the performance I had, but having just replaced mine with the latest generation, Cubase is starting at least 2X as fast and is loading projects quicker too. So I too would highly recommend anyone still using the older first generation (longer ones that came with SX1) to replace them as the speed difference is very noticeable.