Dongle/license issue HELP!!!

My system was working fine, but I have to run a session at another studio this weekend, and I have cubase 7.5 (and now pro 9) installed on their mac. I am a PC user by the way. In the past I have been able to walk in with my dongle and it has worked fine. Now suddenly Cubase is claiming it can’t find my license. The studio owner was there and managed to get the cubase to recognize the elicenser for a moment, but then cubase 7.5 will not play audio. I mean you hit play, and there’s no metering on the track, no nothing.

So we install pro 9. Then we kept getting a licenser error of some sort. The studio owner thinks the problem is my dongle is broken. it has never failed before, and unfortunately I left it there tonight, so i can’t check it now. Session is in about 6.5 hours. I really don’t want to use pro Tools for several reasons.

Any ideas?

Does the machine have the latest eLicencer software?

Have you performed a licence maintenance operation?

  1. I dont know 2 I believe so

Could you buy a new dongle locally and use ZDT to get a temp license on it?
Do you have a PC laptop you can take with you to to test if the dongle is faulty?

You certainly need to make sure they have latest elicenser software installed from

If you don’t need any of the Pro only features you could also run a trial version of Elements with a soft e-license.

Really appreciate it people! It took 5 minutes to after downloading the elicenser to be up and running, and the session went fairly smooth. Way easier than if I would have had to deal with using a mac AND pro tools.