Dongle lost! Sad story with happy end...


I lost my Dongle! AAAARGh!

Called Steinberg Service.
They were very friendly, and since i had my Dongle registred at MySteinberg,
they gave my a new licence. All i had to do is to buy a new eLicenser for 16,90€ at my local
music store.

So, after 5min i had the new license in my mail.

Now that’s what i call service!


Hi Paul,

That’s the main reason why we encourage our customers to register their software. :slight_smile:

That’s great Paul, congratulations :slight_smile:

This news will make my daily trip less stressing. I have to carry my key always with me, because I use my Steinberg software at the office and at home.



Very good customer service indeed

That is really good to know, SB - Thanks!

Thats great!

I always thought that if the dongle get lost or broken, you had to buy a new license (cubase).
How does the dongle work in real time? I mean, when i entered my Cubase 6 license, i got a “downloading license” or something, does that mean that my Cubase 6 license is uploaded to my “Mysteinberg” profile?


i just want to add something about my topic.
The guy on the phone at Steinberg service told me, that Steinberg does not have to give me a new license. I think they did me a favour and helped me.
Also worth mentioning is, that the old dongle will be deactivated, meaning the next time it connects to the control center it will explode and deep-fry your motherboard. :wink:
When you read the license policy , you will see that your license is indeed gone if your dongle is lost or stolen.

So, i think it is up to Steinberg how to handle each case of a lost dongle.
Anyway, they helped me out fast and friendly.



Congrats! Good to hear. It’s great to hear Steinberg is taking care of their customers :slight_smile:


Great story. Thanks for posting.
This gives me much more confidence in the product!


hmm, odd that they still selling the old one…

I will try to find out how you can see on the outside of the package which build of the key is in the box.

A Cubase 6 Trail will be released (will still take some time), so you could perhaps use the demo code as a spare license for Cubase



this is great news its always been a concern of mine about a damaged or stolen dongle …

brillant service ! :smiley: :smiley:


Oops. :astonished:

Is there any point to holding on to the key then or shall I just return it for a refund?



Chris, anything to add to this?


That was the best news of 2012.
As I start taking my dongle out of studios around… I was really afraid
to lose or someone stole it from me. I will still looking after it as I always did
since I got it for last 5 years, but now will have a peace of mind.

I knew I made the best choice !

Obrigado STEINBERG !

Leonardo A.

Not the same for me… I lost my dongle 2 weeks ago, I’ve looked for it everywhere during these 2 weeks, I decided to buy a new one today, I called the Belgian support number, the guy just told me “mmmm Have another look, I’m sure you’re gonna find it back” … I’m pissed off. I tried to send a mail, it’s the second time, I still have no reply.

Ahhhh - is that what happened to my MB?!?!? Damn - I knew I should have not plugged that dongle in!

Don’t be sure that you will get a new dongle if you lose your current one. SB used to be really strict about lost dongles - you would not under any circumstances get another one. They seem to have changed their tune a bit, but that’s no guarantee you will get a replacement for a lost dongle.


If you register the software and keep the registration up to date, things may be different. I keep my eLicensers and software always registered and up do date (updating eLicenser database and sending my eLicenser info regularly), just in case. if the worst happens at least they will have a record of that.


I am in a similar situation, but got no new license or even an answer from stein berg support.

I have cubase SX3 and Halion 3 and Halion Player3 registered on a dongle that I lost recently due to moving houses.

Since I am entitled to educational licenses I thought what the heck, I just buy a new Cubase (6) license. I also bought a cubase element 6 to be able to work without dongle…

But that leaves the Halion 3 (and player3) licenses…

After reading this thread I mailed steinberg support through their form on “Mysteinberg”, but I did not receive an answer (maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago…)…

I wonder if I will get a response…

I have to add that of course I have a new dongle…