Dongle lost! Sad story with happy end...

Did you register the original dongle in MyCubase ? It is a pre-requite for getting any help from them regarding this, unless you did they have no concrete info on the dongle, your licenses on the dongle or your ownership of the licenses and dongle, and conversely no chance to close off the usage of the original dongle.

Peace of mind…

Thanks Steinberg! :smiley:

Yes, I did

My original dongle is still registered in MySteinberg…SX3, Halion3 and Halion Player on it as well as an expired Cubae 5 trial…

All alongside my new dongle with Cubase 6.

I have copy pasted all the information into the email to Steinberg.



In fact, can I have a response from Steinberg please? What should ì do?

  • I have a new dongle (with cubase 6 on it)
  • My first (lost) dongle is registered and present in “mysteinberg” with Cubase SX3 registered on it as well as Halion 3/ Halion player 3…
  • Can I have my halion license’s transferred to my new dongle, as per original poster of this thread…


PLEASE HELP ME about it .

MY dongle doest work anymore and any computer doesnt see it . I’m professional producer and musician , i work on new single project . Who can help me about it :neutral_face: . i’m ready to buy new dongle but code transfer cant because of broken dongle .

If you obtain a new dongle you can get the trial license for C7 at the steinberg website. That will tide you over while you go through the process of replacing the faulty dongle.

Obviously you have to report this to steinberg support. Don’t forget to breathe.

if i want to use my cubase 6.5 , why i have to use C7 trial ? :frowning: . How can i repport this to steinberg support, i dont know way … . I live in Ukraine and i bought Cubase 6 in Turkey .

You contact Steinberg through their website.

Hm… Sorry if C7 is not useful to you, I was thinking trial licenses might be valid for earlier versions, as are regular licenses. You sound like you’re in emergency mode… If you’re in such a fix, it might be worth a try.

it means that i lost my Cubase 6.5 because of a dongle , right ? in Ukraine noone helps about it, really they dont want to support it. What will i do ? I’m really upset so upset … On page mysteinrg i dont see anything to write them , can you say title ?

I clicked SUPPORT REQUEST FORM but i it only shows Turkey but i live in Ukraine .

I sent you a private message.

I am from india, I lost my Cubase 6 dongle but not registered. How can i solve this. I need a new licenser very badly… got struck with so many projects. Kindly help


Then you go and register it right away using the code that came with your purchase, and hope hat they will help you although they don’t have to.