Dongle message

HI All!
Can somebody help me to get rid of pop up those message when I launch Cubase

Image 2.pdf (16.8 KB)

IMAGE1.pdf (17.5 KB)
Thank you

Contact Steinberg support. They have a tool and advice about resetting your soft-elicenser and reactivating licenses.

Log into your Steinberg account and look for “Reactivation”


Maybe you will need to use the eLCC Helper to get a new Soft-eLicenser and then Reactivate.

Thanks All. It’s kind of complicated for me for assistance, because I live in New Caledonia, bought my cubase in the US and it’s been activated in Germany. So They suggest I should look for assistance, in UK,in Asia… in the US and I found it finally in Germany. They instruct me how to do it and it’s all OK now.