Dongle might be broken. Does this give Cubase issues?

Hi everyone.
Today I travel with my laptop on a train to work. I totally forgot to get the dongle out of my laptop when I had to rush out of the train. I just put my laptop with the dongle attached in my bag. Very stupid I know.
When I arrived at work I noticed the dongle was a little bit bend and the cover (plastic) was a bit open. I pushed the plastic back bit still saw the usb connecting is not straight anymore. Cubase still runs but somehow I can’t freeze any tracks or bounce my mix as a wave or mp3?
Does this means I have to get a new dongle?

Hope to hear from you



Hi and welcome,

I don’t believe that these issues are linked to the USB-eLicenser. If the USB-eLicenser would become broken, you would get an eLCC error message (most probably missing license).

But if you don’t feel save with the USB-eLicenser, buy a new one and transfer the license to the new one.

Thanks for the response. Cubase is running again, thank god. But now my newest project freezes when it is starting up.
I use my soundcard at home and when working on my track in the train I use the Steinberg asio for the soundcard of my laptop.
It freezes when I get the pop-up that there are no connections selected. And then it freezes.

I updated to the latest version the day before

EDIT: I reinstalled Cubase again but the problem is still there.