Dongle no longer recognized

Hi guys… whew, long time since I’ve been on the forum.

I fired up Nuendo the other day (4.3), and I get an error saying “No eLicenser connected” . I have installed the latest eLicense Control Center ( It does not recognize my dongle. I went to iLok, and it sees it there; About This Mac sees it in the USB controller; but not in the Control Center.

I’ve reinstalled everything, but nothing’s working. Can anyone help? Running 10.6.6 and 10.6.7 on the other computer. Neither computer recognizes the eLicenser from the Control Center.



Perhaps it got wrecked? Try use it on a friend machine, try a PC as well, just to be sure the hardware is all OK.

Oh…didn’t look like that a moment ago :wink: