Dongle not seen by eLicenser!

It’s about 2 weeks, Nuendo suddenly didn’t open. I realized the eLicenser doesn’t see the dongle.
I’ve been in contact with Steinberg support since, and beside generic messages, I don’t get any constructive help. The customer’s service phone number doesn’t exist anymore either.

So maybe you guys can help me out?

I’ve tried everything like Maintenance, update, eLCC Helper that didn’t even remove the Soft License that suddenly appeared on the eLicenser UI.
The problem is still the same, my dongle is not seen by eLicenser. Only, when I unplug it, it appears for a second and replugging it doesn’t do anything.

I’ve checked the dongle on another PC, than my PC DAW, to make sure that the dongle is not the issue, and it’s seen immediately.

I didn’t install anything else on the DAW since a year beside Windows updates several days before and after the issue. So I don’t think the Win updates can be the issue either.

So if you have an idea of what can go wrong or had a similar issue, please let me know.


I’ve found the issue. So this might help other users in the same situation.
I have to add that this person Georges B. from Steinberg support made me lose 2 precious weeks, even if I told him several times that I had pending exports !!

The problem is obviously an issue with nVidia drivers and the Steinberg USB Licenser. Old dongles like mine (over 8 years old) have to be replaced with a new one.

I did also raise this point with the support several times, but never got any answer than if you think that’s the issue go buy a new one, unbelievable!!!