Dongle on guarantee service. How to work?

Hi. Is there any option to run My Cubase 9 and my Halion 6 without a dongle? Maybe something with demo version?
I need to make some work in few days but my USB dongle is in service because it stopped working:/ they have 21 days for repairs or changing to a new one but I need my license ASAP:/ any help please?:confused:

If you’ve registered your licenses in My Steinberg, you will need to pick up a new, empty eLicenser key nd:

If not, you should contact Steinberg support and see if they can generate temporary keys for you.

Ok i think I got it.
I will get a new USB eLicenser and will use Steinberg Zero Downtime option.
Do anyone know maybe how long takes Steinberg to give me a new permanent licenses for my programs after I fill out this PDF form and send it to Steinberg?