Dongle Presale Question

I’d like to purchase Cubase Pro during this sale.
However, I already own a Steinburg E licenser. Its still new in the box.
Wondering if there is any issue to use it for the Cubase Pro when I get it.


You will add the new license key to the dongle you already have.
If you have only a software e-license, you need to buy a dongle.
Dont forget after activating your new license to the dongle, to register the dongle to your steinberg account.

Sorry I didn’t make that clear.
I own a Hardware E Licenser - Licence Control Device made by Steinberg.

Dongle is another name for this

That is definitely what I own…so I should be able to just purchase Cubase and put it on that…right?

yes, you can do it. You dont need to buy another dongle. You will add the license to the existing ones in your dongle you already have.

Perfect…thank you.
So I purchased it from Best Service, but apparently you don’t get the download codes right away.
Anyone know how long that usually takes?

from my own experience it will take about 5 mins

Been over 1/2 hour…I wonder if they are swamped today with the sale?

I am reffering directly from Steinberg website. I havent bought anything from other stores