Dongle problem on cubase install

PC : Windows 7 SP1
Cubase : version 3 and then update to 6

I have an old PC with an old cubase and I have problems with this installation
I created a new partition and proceeded like this :
unplug dongle
installation program
=> installs dongle software (question : should I uncheck driver install ? I tried both and the result is the same)
=> shows a form to enter authorization number - I enter it
=> installs cubase
At this point I tried with and without windows restart - result is the same
plug dongle
=> the system installs an USB drivercalled USB Protection Device, and this is not ok I suppose, because on my old installation I have eLicencer

Is there somebody who can help me to understand what I’m doing wrong

I choosed to make a full iso install for cubase 6.5 to avoid to install first version 3 and than 6
Install works perfectly but Cubase says that it needs to be activated
I need to have a better understanding of the dongle
When I have a look in the elicencer there is still the cubase 6 licence
Why cubase does not find and take in account this licence ?
As I said I have double boot on this machine and on the old Windows 7 its working fine.
But not on the new Windows 7 - Is the licence differente according to the system location ?
I could try to activate the system but there is an activation number needed (if I understand right thats not the authorization number) - Its so many years ago that I installed my system so I don’t remember how I obtained this number - is this a mail from steinberg ? And can I get it again from steinberg ?


Cubase 6.5 is not Cubase 6. If you own Cubase 6 licence, download Cubase 6 ISO and install it, please.

You don’t have to activate it. The licence had been activated already and sits on your USB-eLicenser. Just install the correct Cubase, plug the USB-eLicenser and you are ready to go.

Thanks a lot - with 6.07 its working