Dongle problem


I have recently upgraded from C4 to C6 and updated my licence on the dongle. Unfortunately I got a “dongle corrupt” message when opening C6 soon after install. Now even plugging the dongle in takes out the USB ports and/or the mouse and keyboard depending which USB port used.
I would appreciate some advice on buying a new dongle and transferring my licences if this is this best way to proceed. At the moment I cannot open Cubase at all.

Thanks for your time.

Just to rule out a problem with the USB card itself (or hub or port, etc.), I would recommend trying to plug the dongle into a different computer and see if the computer recognizes the dongle. You could even download and install the eLincenser control panel and see if the license is readable on a different computer.

Thanks for the advice, but no go - seems the dongle is gone (?)

Sorry to hear that. If you send an e-mail to the Steinberg Support Team, I am sure they will assist you.