Dongle problems

I have been using Cubase Essentials 4 and Halion 3 on my Windows XP PC for years. All of a sudden my dongle is no longer recognised by the system. The red light in the dongle still lights up, but does not flash brightly like it used to. I tried upgrading the eLicenser software to the latest version but the dongle is still not recognised.

I then tried installing Cubase Essentials 4 and Halion 3 on my Mac (now running Mavericks OS 10.9) with the latest eLicenser software and again the red light on the dongle does not glow brightly and the eLicenser software does not recognise the dongle. I have used these programs with this dongle on both my PC and my Mac in the past with no issues.

Is anyone else out there having the same problem? Does anyone know how to solve the problem without having to upgrade to a newer version? I am reluctant to upgrade as all my midi backing tracks were created using Cubase Essentials 4 and Halion 3, and I am very familiar with using both of these products. Urgently need help with this please.

PS: The number on my dongle reads 000 817 076

Hello Brett,

I can see you that you have had this key since 2008, so it’s lasted almost 8 yrs. Since you tried this on another machine and the key still didn’t show up in the eLCC, my educated guess would be that the key is malfunctioning or is broken. I should say that OSX 10.9 is not compatible with your licenses (Cubase Ess 4 or Halion 3) but if the key were working properly it should have shown up in the newest eLicense Control Center. First I would make sure that you have this key’s serial number registered in your MySteinberg account. This is a different number than the one you provided, I will Private Message you that number. Once you have registered the USB-eLicenser key, if not already registered send a a support request from your MySteinberg account and explain that your key is potentially broken and provide the key number. They will send you information on how to send an RMA of the key in for license replacement. You will likely need to purchase a new USB-eLicenser to put the new replacement licenses on. Once verification of the broken key has been confirmed for license replacement, the old key will be deactivated from the MySteinberg system.