Dongle Quality Problem ? - Here is the solution !

Hello !

As an answer to broken dongles and quality complains about the dongles housing here at the forum, I developped together with a friend some kind of solution to make our dongles 100 % rock solid - in a customizeable design.
The idea is as easy as genius: 2 pieces of well-designed stuff around and nothing can damage your expencive licenses anymore ! - But the best of it all: You can choose the colours or even the material by yourself. No matter if you want to have it in stable plastic, metal, wood, aluminium - even pure silver or gold is possible, too…
If you were looking for a solution, solving the “Dongle Problem”, which doesn´t look like self made handicrafts and without loosing the warranty, this has to be YOUR choice ! :wink:

See here how it works and what I´m talking about:

Now the dongle goes to the carriage:

The carriage goes into the holster:


By putting a ring thru the hole at the end, you can make sure the carrier is fixed completely and your dongle is safe for carrying around with a bunch of keys or to be hung around your neck.

Want to have it ? Have any ideas to make it better ? - Then don´t hasitate to send me some PN and I´ll provide all the details to you !



Nice try, but I can see many issues with it. Won’t elaborate as I’m not getting paid to. Besides, selling stuff on the forums is prohibited.

I´m not selling anything here… Just making contacts, collecting ideas - that´s all. Anyway, thanks for having a look to it ! :slight_smile:

Sure reads like a commercial to me.

That’s just sour grapes… :wink:

Simple but effective, love it :sunglasses:

You could protect the connector too with a smaller (intergrated) version of this, so you have sort of a cap you don’t have to remove.

Not a fan of making the dongle WIDER than it is. I have an iLok thats effing HUGE and SHAPED LIKE A KEY!?!?!? already and they BARELY plug in next to each other on my MB.
Too bad you cant Daisy Chain these STUPID shits. Assholes take away my effing USB ports when I pay for their software? THANKS!
Meanwhile hackers steal it and have no such problems. Awesome hey?
Kinda like gun control, only making it harder for the LAW ABIDING citizens to purchase guns. Criminals get it cheaper/faster with NO RULES.
End rant.

For me, it reads also like a commercial to me. Sorry…

ok. I prefer a Dongle like this (metal, flat, indestructible, for the keychain, for the neck, waterproof):


I don’t think it came across in a full on commercial manner, ok possibly pushing the rules just a touch but i can see one fatal design flaw in it straight away unfortunately.

I have this EXACT same item. It has its drawbacks. Mainly - sometimes you have to tilt it towards the contacts or it is not recognized due to being to much longer than teh actual contacts themselves - there is a lot of ‘play’.

Mine is just a 4gig USB memory ‘key’ I carry with my car keys - just in case… I ever need an emergency USB

I refer the honourable gentlemen to the post I made a few moments ago.

Hi Central,

the problem is not to develop a dongle cover like this for the existing dongles, replacing the plastic all around - the problem is much more, that if you cover your dongle inlays like this, that you will loose all your warranty on it and all assurances from steinberg or other companies, replacing the licenses, once they got lost from it…

lol yeah that was one chunky bit of kit alright.
You could do some damage if you threw it as someone! :laughing:

@ MRedZac: thank you for you statement. I think, agree with you.

Just plug a USB extension cable into the computer and make a hole on the side of a plastic lunchbox for the other end. Run the cable through the hole and then attach the dongle to the cable and close the box. :sunglasses:

And this is what you call a professional solution ? - You want to hang your lunchbox around your neck or carry it around with a bunch of keys ? - Hm… :smiley:

Well, drop the box and just use the extension cable? Try to understand the essence? Your very professional solution doesn’t really solve the problem with having the dongle broken off if plugged directly into a laptop and some intoxicated musician is dancing by and break both the “protected” dongle in half and the jack in the computer as well. The computer is probably fixable but the contact of the very expensive dongle is bent out of shape. Just don’t place it that close to the danger was the message.

Well, after several tests, I can tell you, that the dongle in the up above presented dongle protector will survive without damage if somebody running against it, while it is connected to a USB port, since we changed the load balance point at the USB tip… And it will not damage the USB Port on the computer that much anymore as it would be without dongle protector, since it has larger place around the USB-Port now, filled up with plastic, which wasn´t there like this before. But of course, it cannot be said for sure, that the USB Port in computer will not be damaged at all, once somebody will run against it - just the chance, that the USB-Port gets damaged if somebody will run against a simple cable connector of a USB prolongation cable, or somebody by accident will catch the cable in any way, which in your way of solution is hanging down to your lunch box, is even higher than an impact on a connected dongle in dongle protector…

On this picture you can see, how close the dongle protector comes to the laptop and this provides much more stability in terms of accidential impacts to the dongle, than it would be without or with just a cable connector: