Dongle Question

Why out of all of my Steinberg Licences does the Groove Agent 5 Licence say USB?

They are actually all on a USB dongle.

I have the most trouble with GA5 Licence errors when starting up a DAW.


I have no idea, I have to say…

But… What kind of troubles do you have with GA5 license, please,

No idea. It could be just the way the metadata is setup for that license. Its the only product where they added the text “(USB”.

Are you able to just move GA between the USB and locally installed software licenser product ? Maybe that why its in the meta.

Just an idea but I think they recently (GA5 or 4?) started allowing GA and HALion to be used with the soft licenser. Maybe the notation has something to do with that or where the license originated or was updated from. Just a wild guess…