Dongle question

I have just paid, but not so far downloaded and installed Cubase Pro 10. (Update from version 7)I have also a registered copy of Cubase LE. My question is. Will I be able to install LE 10 without paying extra for it on a second computer when using the dongle or must I pay extra for the LE update??

If you put LE on the “Dongle” too then yes you will be able to use it on a second computer while the Dongle is plugged in to that computer.
In fact it means that you will only be able to use LE on either computer when the dongle is plugged in.

I can’t think why you want to do this though…


In general, if the license sits on the USB-eLicenser (“dongle”), you can install Cubase to any count of computers. Where do you plug your USB-eLicenser (with the license) in, you can start the Cubase version.

If the license sits on the Soft-eLicenser, the license is linked with the hardware (one computer). You can reactivate to other computer time to time, but not in daily or weekly basis.

With Cubase Pro license you can start even Cubase LE. So if you have Cubase LE on other computer (as “light version of Cubase”), you don’t need a specific license, but you can use your Cubase Pro license too.

On up to 3 computers in your possession.


Oh, thank you, you are right. It’s part of the EULA:

  1. Grant of license:
    2.3: If the software is protected by the eLicenser alone, you may install a license for the software on one or at most 3 computers which are in your possession.

I keep all my licenses on the USB dongle rather than authenticating it on a hard drive. I have an iLok, and also a key with my Waves licenses, so I keep all three on a small 4 port USB hub. That way when I move from machine to machine I just take the hub and know that all my licenses move with me.

May not matter if you don’t have an iLok or any other USB keys, but since I do I find this method the most convenient.