Dongle questions

Hi group. I use cubase le4 so i have never used a dongle. Does cubase 11 require one? If so do they send it automatically when you download the software? Can you choose dongle vs downloading the license to the computer? I am shopping for a new computer and i need enough usb ports for everything. Thanks!


Cubase 11 Pro and Artist require the USB-eLicenser. Cubase 11 Elements, AI and LE don’t.

You have to buy it with the upgrade, or at your local store.

For Cubase Pro and Artist you can’t choose. The USB-eLicenser is always required. For Cubase Elements, AI, LE, you can choose.

Btw, here is an Steinberg anouncement, they are working on other dongle-free licensing system for all Cubase editions.

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