dongle recovery after temporary usb failure on windows machines

Maybe something to look into.

My dongles are normally on a usb-hub. It’s a laptop so i need extra usb-ports.

After an accidental move the connection to the hub got lost during a rehearsal session. Cubase kept on running but the active track lost his connection and an error messages appeared saying that no license was found. (it was a halion track that was affected) The setup, wich consists of a combination of cubase and Vienna ensemble pro needed a reboot of cubase and the Vienna servers. Vienna works with the same dongle so i suppose it is the same issue there.

I had reinserted the dongle on a usb port on the laptop itself and windows recognized it correctly, so it seems that a running cubase can’t recover from a temporary loss of the usb connection to the dongle. On a mac it seems to be working, as can be found and be confirmed in the discussion on the forum.

A side-effect was, when i used the dongle later on the day on a different machine, that the affected halion license also was disabled. I had to do the normal maintenance to recover it and everything was ok.

It would be great, since i’m using cubase on a stage level, to recover as fast as possible from such an accidental connection loss, also on windows machines.

Thanks for looking in to the request.

kind regards,