dongle relief suggestion

I run Cubase 9.5 Pro on a desktop and a laptop alternately. But I sometimes forget the dongles when I take the laptop. So I bought a Cubase Elements license that is activated on a soft elicenser on the laptop. no dongle required.

I resent the extra expense. But I appreciate that I can open the same Cubase project files and do audio-editing/comping work, without dongle. Of course, many features - notably virtual instruments - are hidden/missing in Cubase Elements and I get a warning message. But they are still there when I get back to Cubase Pro. I also have to skip all my Waves and Sonnox plugins. But I can do editing, no problem, which is about the best Cubase task to be doing on a laptop.

In lieu of a more customer-friendly copy-protection mechanism for Cubase, I suggest that the Cubase Pro license should include a complimentary Cubase Elements license that can only be activated to a soft elicenser. :slight_smile: