Dongle to PC?

Hi, question. I have Cubase Elements 10 and I would like to stop using the USB Donge and just use my computer.
1st question is, will I always need internet to activate each time?
2nd question is, is it possible to have my PC activated and also the dongle, or is it one or the other? I would like to be able to use MY PC without my dongle and to use my dongle if need be. For instance if I use a Laptop on the go.
Not sure. I would imagine the only way is to just use the dongle. Thanks!

  • The CB E 10 license does not need to be on a dongle but, if you already transferred it to the dongle you can’t transfer it back to a Soft eLicenser (SeL) that is on the computer.
  • If you already have an activated CB E10 license stored on an SeL then you can use it with out being connected to the internet. You only need the internet connection to download/activate it as listed in the system requirements at the bottom of this page.

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In addition it’s “one or the other”. You can’t have your one license on both the dongle and computer at the same time.