Dongle + USB Server

Thanks to the great savings on Pro for crossgrades i’m moving from Logic to Cubase, but i use a laptop and desktop machines at different locations, with the copy protection i’m a little concerned with having to transport the dongle around with me (I.e. if it breaks or if i leave it at one location by mistake).

However, i’ve seen that you can setup USB servers which allows you to remotely ‘connect’ to E Licensers etc. so you haven’t got to transport it around with you. Anyone have experience/success with VirtualHere/Flexihub type applications? Not just over local connection but shared across internet?

Also - anyone routinely travel with their USB stick and had any issues with moving it around so much?


In case the USB-eLiceser becomes broken, I strongly recommend to Register your Cubase. Then you would buy just the new USB-eLicenser and you would get a Replacement Activation Code.

If you have the latest short USB-eLicenser, it shouldn’t be so problematic. An olde USB-eLicenser tent to break, so I always fixed them via a tape (already before I started to use them). Since then I didn’t‘t have any single problem.

Key arrives tomorrow, hopefully it is the smaller one then. Thanks for the info in regards to registering, very much appreciated.

Ok, so i purchased a USB key and i got one with the boxed version of the software too, so it looks like i have a spare. For zero downtime do i just keep hold of that second key incase i ever need it now?

Many thanks.


You can keep the 2nd one. But at the other hand, I don’t expect you would need it in following 5 years, if you are not really a messy guy. :wink: