Dongle with Dorico Elements?

Hi all, if I buy Dorico Elements and want to use it on my desktop and my laptop am I going to need a hardware dongle?


As things stand now, yes.

But as soon as Dorico 4 releases you’ll be eligible for a free upgrade. When that happens, you won’t need the dongle for both computers. So, if you don’t want to buy the dongle, you can activate Dorico 3.5 for use in one computer (with a Soft e-licenser, i.e., no physical dongle) and enjoy the benefits of Steinberg Licensing when Dorico 4 arrives.

OK, so I could buy it now while its on sale, install it on my laptop when I get it (my first macbook that just got shipped yesterday!), and then once dorico 4 comes out with the new licenser install it on my desktop? Any news on when 4 comes out? Also, will I be able to upgrade for free from 3.5?

v4 will be out in ‘very early 2022’ as has been stated by Steinberg.
Yes, the upgrade to v4 will be free if you buy now.

Thanks! Glad they are getting rid of the dongle stuff, I really don’t have a spare USB on my computer or spare room in my brain to remember to bring it everywhere with me.