Is there a work around offered by Steinberg for the Dongle? I want to have Cubase installed on a desktop PC and my laptop. Or am I still constrained by this dongle? If not, I’m ready to move to another DAW.


Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist license can be stored on the USB-eLicenser only. There is no way around. Cubase Elements, LE and AI are stored in the Soft-eLicenser by default. But soft-eLicense, could be used on one computer only. So if you want to use Cubase on several computers, you need USB-eLicenser in any case. Or buy 2nd Elements license.

Tracktion looks better and better as I’m learning it. Am I the only one who thinks the dongle restriction is a pain. I get having to protect your assets and property by enforcing some type of pirating security. But IK multimedia and others offer multiple installs w/o risk. Steinberg should follow suit. Soft elicense works just fine - but you should allow for at least 2-3 installs on different machines. Ilok does this already.

Hopefully, Tracktion will work as good as Cubase so I can split. F hate having to move that damn dongle all the time.

No, if you had used the search you surely would have found some of the other posts about it and had not needed to start yet another one… :unamused: