Hi everyone,

I bought the boxed version of Cubase Artist 8 and loaded it onto my computer. I registered it online. After finally getting Cubase to talk nice to Mr. Gates, it seems I need to ALWAYS have my eLicenser dongle plugged into a USB port or else Cubase 8 won’t even start. Is this normal?

I’ve never owned a program that needed a dongle plugged in at all times for it to run. Then again, this eLicenser thing-a-ma-bob is a complete and total mystery to me. And as usual, the “gifted” souls who wrote the instructions, don’t understand the term, “target audience.” I’m allowed to say that–being a technical writer myself :slight_smile:.



now you own a program that needs a dongle plugged in at all times for it to run. Congratulations :smiley:

Yes. That’s how dongle-protected software works.

On my main PC I have a USB hub with three dongles hanging off of it for my music software: eLicenser (Steinberg, reFX, and Waldorf products and others), iLok (UVI, MOTU, Slate, other vendors), and dedicated USB thumb drive (Waves licenses).

You unplug them and any software whose licenses they contain fails to operate.

Many people hate dongles. I personally prefer them to most of the alternatives, and find them pretty convenient.

I thought you could register it with the Soft eLicenser but I’m probably wrong…I use a dongle

Soft eLicenser is only for Cubase elements all other versions need a dongle which has to plugged in at all times you want to use the program, It seems the only way to protect a program from piracy that works well.

Okay, thanks everyone. You learn something new everyday. Wait until you read my next post…

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