Please get rid of the dongle.

Aren’t there good enough ways to protect your software nowadays without a dongle?

I’m always making music on my laptop and often like to hustle with music softwares when I’m traveling and that dongle really pisses me of.
It’s on the way when I’m in airplane, train etc. It steals a USB slot and my dongle is already falling apart.
Also I’ve forgot several times to take that dongle with me and then I just end up using Logic pro.

I like the dongle, i have 4 installs of my cubase licence of diffrent computers and the only I have to take with is my dongle…

Let’s be real, all the alternatives can be cracked on day one. I like FL Studio’s easy .reg licensing system that I can use on all computers, but it has been cracked to hell and their business model is based around this.

i heard someone talking about putting the dongle inside the laptop! i would like to do this too probably!

I’ve seen pics of this mod few years ago. Not sure if its possible with many of the new slim laptops hence not much room
and not sure if I would dare to fry my macbook with a soldering iron :laughing:

Just update the dongle. It’s hideous. Get a smaller sleek design

Is there a new smaller version of it?
Mine is approximately 5,3cm long (4cm sticks out of my laptop when plugged in)

edit. yeah, the newer one looks a bit shorter in pics but maybe i don’t want to pay 35$ just to get it 1cm shorter :b

In all seriousness, I wonder what the plan is now that USB-C is becoming common. Do we need a dongle (USB C -> A) for the dongle (steinberg key)?

Probably just a USB-C revision somewhere down the line.