dongles and usb hubs/ports

ive tried a usb hub before to put my dongles in to but it didnt work though im not sure the hub was mac
compatible, is there any reason you cant put your dongles in to a hub as im seriously running out of usb ports
and need to buy one

You already answered your own question didn’t you ? :slight_smile:

As far as I remember, they don’t work on a hub :frowning:

I use the Steinberg dongle with a USB hub all the time. No problem at all!!

as i said i tried it on a hub but im not sure it was mac compatible,
ive got two dongles so want to plug them both in to a hub, do you think this would be ok?

Steinberg Dongle, iLok 1 & iLok 2 all working fine in a cheap unpowered hub here…I wouldn’t have thought all hubs were cross platform compatible…but I may be wrong

First I should try one, to be sure the hub is compatible with your hardware. If that works out, it normally should not be a problem to use two licensers on one hub.

One should think that indeed, but Apple’s hardware can be bit picky on USB hubs. :astonished:

I also use 2-3 dongles on a powered hub. I suppose there may be an issue with the usb port providing enough power, although one would expect that if you could see the dongle light, that would be proof enough. Good luck,

thanks for all your replies, plenty of food for thought.

Steinberg dongle, iLok and…an usb keyboard, all connected to the cheapest non-powered hub I could find. No problem.

PC here.

I had my dongle plugged into the USB port on my USB keyboard (Logitech G15) and it was working fine.
I think it was a USB 1.0 which makes me wonder if it would work in expanded ports or hubs that are USB 1.0 only and not USB 2.0? Just guessing because a “cheap” USB hub might be USB 1.0.

I’ve just bought a (relatively) expensive powered 7-port USB hub for my MacBook Pro. Tried to run the Cubase Dongle off it but it didn’t read despite the dongle lighting up and reacting when the program started. Any ideas?

Most of the time, a hub will not work if not self powered, even thoigh they all say no external power needed. Buy one that comes with a wall wart, an you should be fine. I am running cubase, korg lrgace, two different ilok keys and working fine

It must be USB 1.1 compatible.

A friend simply gave me his powered hub out of frustration with his Mac Pro not being able to support his dongles through it. Works fine on my PC. There was some mild satisfaction on my part :wink: :laughing:

lol :slight_smile:
My dongle works fine in both a powered and an unpowered hub, both on my laptop.