Dongles -they're everywhere

Running Cubase 6.5 with its dongle, with the USB dongle required for Waves and the iLOK (that Waves used to be on) to run FXPansion, I’ve run out of USB ports on my laptop.

Before I buy a hub, anyone know of any issues this might pose with Windows 7 64 bit?


To my (limited) knowledge, it shouldn’t cause a problem.

Just remember to get a self-powered USB hub (wall wart :frowning: ).

Otherwise, you’ll run out of current to power both devices.

ABsolutely imperative to do this.
We have powered hubs on 2 XP machines & a windows 7 64 bit machine with no issues at all - they are all full of dongles.

Thanks folks. I’ve also got the problem of plugging in my Steinberg C12+

Pity it doesn’t feature a usb connection I can plug my dongle into.