Dongles ( yes, this old chestnut again ! )

I currently run a very small studio running Cubase 6.5 on an iMac as my main ( & only ) DAW. I also have a macbook pro at home running the same version of Cubase. On a number of occasions recently I have inadvertently forgot to take the dongle out of the iMac and hence can’t work at home on my laptop !
So my question is and I’m sure this has been asked many many times, Is there a way where I can have a “duplicate” dongle which allows me to use both MY computers without having to swap the dongle every time I switch between my home and studio ?
I realise the stock answer will be to purchase another dongle but as I’m using only my computers I thought todays technology would allow me to achieve my goal !

Looking forward to your replies on this subject.

Norman Bonus ( Sir )

If your two computers are running Cubase 6.5 with the same license on that dongle, then no… you can’t have another dongle with a duplicate license on it. That would be defeating the eLicenser dongle’s purpose as a security device.

If your 2nd computer has a CB 6.5 running on it’s own license that is stored on that dongle (meaning you have two separate licenses on that dongle) then you could purchase a 2nd dongle and move one of the licenses to the new dongle.

Bottom line… you need two CB licenses to be able to run CB on separate computers without moving the dongle.

I will add this as an FYI which I don’t think applies to you…
I don’t know the details of this but, I’ve seen some forum posts where a users computers were in fairly close proximity to each other. Close enough to where they were able to run some kind of shared USB hub/port between them (via wired or wifi… maybe?). It was reported that they were able to run their two computers from that same USB dongle connection.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks for that Prock, as I suspected but I had to ask :wink: !