Donner StarryPad Midi Remote

Donner_Starrypad.midiremote (2.1 KB)


This is my first attempt at a remote script for the Donner StarryPad. It might need a few more goes around to get it exactly right, but some feedback would be useful.

It recognises the Midi name on my Mac, but I’ve not tested on PC. If anyone can test, and confirm if its recognised on PC, and if not what name the Starrypad appears as on Windows then I can add it.

Currently the record toggle is a bit hit and miss… There’s no (documented) way to control the LED’s in the starrypad, so the LED can get out of sync. The default for the record button is to Toggle, so the driver is set up to match that. The alternative is to switch the hardware to Mommentary mode, but that means the LED will never work?

The StarryPad has 2 faders and 2 knobs, but these each have 3 banks, so there are 6 virtual faders/knobs. This is an awkward number as it’s more that needed some basic mappings, and not enough for others.

Currently bank 1 faders are set for selected track and master volume. B1 Knobs are pan and send 1.

Banks 2 and 3 are implemented but not mapped to anything.

The A/B buttons are track select.

Feedback on improving the mapping is welcome, or is it preferable to just leave them free and encourage user mapping?

If anyone is interested, the starrypad is a decent little pad for the money - The list /direct price is high, and there are probably better pads for that price, but it as massively discounted on Donner’s eBay store and they have frequent sales against those prices.

Main niggles are that having THREE banks of 2 knobs/faders is frustrating. If there were 4 it would map so much more cleanly. Software Banks tend to be organised in 8’s rather than 6’s to there are always two params you can’t control in each bank if you map it that way. Also there are at least 4 buttons that control the pad behaviour that I’m NEVER going to use, that can’t be remapped.

Hope this is useful - let me know how it goes, and I’ll make fixes.

Donner_Starrypad.midiremote (2.5 KB)

Here’s an update - I figured out what ControlZones do, so everything’s a lot neater in the onscreen gui. Having working banks also encouraged me to add the pads.

Donner_DMK25Pro.midiremote (2.5 KB)

Also here’s a script for the Donner DMK25Pro - a little mini-keyboard, with 8 pads, transport, 4 sliders and 4 knobs. It’s OK, though again the official price is way higher than the eBay price, and for the full price you can probably get something nicer. On the plus side it came with a Cubase LE bundle (they don’t make it particularly clear that it does, or how you should get it, but they sent me it when I asked).

It’s a little plastic, but it’s a mini-keyboard so no surprises there. Minor niggle is that it doesn’t have any programable buttons - sure you can use the pads, but a few buttons for bank changes would be nice. I could live without he four transpose/octave buttons in exchange for some extra midi buttons.

first two fader banks are mapped to mixer faders, knobs are mapped to focus quick controls, and transport as expected…

Yes, it will good that leds and their colors are controlled in Cubase or other daw like MPC Beats.
Anyway thank you for your script.