Donny the Sycophant - Domhwelus

Fief Arts present another topical Parody. A Cornish take on a Scottish problem but somehow relevant in the USA.

“Donny the Sycophant” by Domhwelus

Watch those eardrums and the woofers!! Slapped together rather than engineered. Too much on the bass and peaking a bit.
Also the SE mics seem to have a problem - Don’t know if this inverter is affecting the phantom - So this is with battered old stage mic. Acoustic 1968 E-Ros 606 Dakota with fishman split and panned out. Westone thunder 1A bass (inactive).
Not really politically biassed - just aghast at the childish cabaret of politics.
What it really says is “slapped his rump and bundled back to the bunkers…turned the tide on the turbines…”
It gets a bit fast!

Inspired by “Nellie the Elephant” by Ralph Butler and Peter Hart.
(2014 Parody exemption, UK copyright law.)