Don't buy the Yamaha 01v96i for use within Cubase x64

Don’t buy the 01v96i if you intend to use it integrated with Cubase 64bit

Just had a reply from Yamaha Europe, i quote:

“If you use the standalone Yamaha Studiomanager Software on a 32bit or 64 bit Systems, then the Studioamanger Software is capable to open 32bit and 64bit Editor Versions together. This makes it more flexible compared to the integrated Studiomanager in the Cubase Software.

A Cubase 64bit Version requires an 01V96i 64bit Editor Software which is not available. Thererfore if you want to integrate the Studiomanager within Cubase, you Need to use a Cubase 32bit Version as well.

We can get in contact with our japaneses Software developers again, but earlier request for an 64bit Version of the 01V96i Editor were answered in that way, that it is not planned to release such dedicated 64bit Version.

with kind regards, Your Yamaha Proaudio Support Team”

—> I feel really disappointed with Yamaha, since the older 01v96 editor works within Cubase 7 64bit, and thus it should not be that hard to adapt the device driver for the 01v96i USB version. Maybe one should reconsider buying the latest 01v96i model to use with Cubase 64bit and buy something else ? - F

Thanks for the warning! I was considering this.