don't crack nomad deal ; grab it!

I don’t work for them or act as agent. I just like the plugins and thought i’d pass on this info. Ed

Aloha e and thanks for the info/link.
Great price.
I may have to ‘pull then trigger’ on this one.

Thanks again.

at the “original” price, there are some good plugins in there. at this sale price, close to a no-brainer. echoes and the sc-226 channel are well worth $199, so the other 48 plugins are a bonus… there are some excellent equalisers in there too. magnetic 2 is good for compression. and their chorus is very nice. I also use valve driver a lot for distortion fx on vocals… ed

WOW what a great price. Nomad Factory are great plugins all of them… :wink:
I can personal recommend them. Blue series is one of my favorite. British-series, AMT, BBE, Analog Signature Pack, Echoes, Magnetic, ALL-TECH 9063B, Pulse-Tec EQs, MAGMA etc… too.

All are great, hard to say what the best all are fantastic. Support X64. Only VST 2.4 though. :smiley:

Many plugins “outclass” or are in “the same league” as both Waves, UAD2 and SoftTube plugins. :wink:

Best Regards