Don't display empty preset selectors for plugins

Nearly all plugins use their own preset browser nowadays. So most plugins diplay an empty preset selector at the top in Cubase. Don’t display it if there are no presets, please.

It happens all the time that I want to select a preset in a third party plugin and end up in the empty preset browser from Cubase. And it’s probably only 5 lines of code.

Yes… Third party plugins will mostly start with no presets in the Cubase preset browser. But… It is an alernative for storing your presets. You can either use the plugin browser or the cubase one. I always use the cubase browser for storing my presets. Also for storing 3rd party presets. This keeps it all in one place and uniform for me. So I would like the option to stay available.

Maybe replace it with a button if it’s empty?

Yeah… That could be a solution… But… I don’t think they will change something like this soon.

They changed the plugin manager in the last update. Maybe it’s time for the plugin window now? While we’re talking about that… they can also remove the screenshot icon and simply let Cubase create the screenshots automatically.