Don't display tracks name/description by default

Is it possible to have this being blank by default than the tracks name, i.e. is their a setting in options to do this

I’m talking about the black text of the tracks name here on the blue backgrounds, it often obscures more important info IMO

But what I find worse is here in the piano roll, you see the blue text on the black background at the top

normally I position the cursor by clicking at the top but here I can’t I have to click either to the left/right of ‘electro-accoustic guitar’ and then fastforward/rewind to where I want the cursor to be

Sure some pppl may find having info eg tracks’s name useful but I don’t, so can I disable it or at least start with a blank sheet
Cheers Zed

I also find this annoying.

Thanks Steve, for those also looking it’s

preferences -> event display -> show event names

though ideally I want the event’s names to be just blank at the start, just for the infrequent case when I want to display some info about that music part

I can’t understand the logic of supplying the same info multiple times, eg look at the following common usage case I suspect
are all the clip names here really necessary? as the same info is to the left of the screen

A thought…
If you want the event names blank at the start, uncheck that preference. Then, activate the “Info Line” on the project window so you can see and/or change event names and a bunch of other stuff that is listed in the Info Line.

Regards :sunglasses: