Dont get any output sound from guitartracks in cubase

I get no sound in cubase, no metronome and I cant hear playback. I have sound activity as the bars move but nothing comes out. The only way I get any sound is hold rightclick on the audiotrack the left click on “play (9)” and hold it. I only hear the raw sound though. I can see on the bar that I have added distortion as its way stronger when I turn it on compared to off. So clearly cubase have registed the imput of distortion from the amprack.

I had no problem hearing sounds from samples or while writing in midi before I plugged in my Scarlett

No clue if the issue is with my settings in cubase, my routing or in the scarlett.

You configured your Scarlett as the audio device inside Cubase…don’t you?
And of course youinstalled the driver?

The scarlett is selected as input and output. And I installed the latest drivers earlier today. Also, checked now and the samples do work so its just the playback from the recorded guitartracks.
And like I said, the bars move when I stum and the recorded event is almost peaking so something got recorded, I just cant hear it x.x

So the topic title is misleading…

What happens when you deactivate record on the guitar track? Can you hear it then?

I can deactivate the record, I can flick monitor on and off, and playaround with the mute. Nothing changes.
I will adjust the title now after finding the issue is with the guitartracks

Can you send a screenshot from the channel editor window? Please?

Maybe it is something with the direct monitoring in the Scarlett… maybe not… we will see!

No clue if its related but I just got a notification about “vst system link has been deactived because of too many receive errors”

Why was it activated?
Can you provide a picture of your audio connection settings?

I have honestly tried to click all kinds of things just to see if anything changes but I think I only did a “self test” for the vst system.

Can you open a new projekt and import any sound without doing any recording or midi things…
Just one audio file on one track…

Can add that playback for this audiofile did indeed also work so its still just the guitar tracks that are fighting me

On this track, there is no record enabled nor is monitoring activated…

On your Scarlett is no Direct Monitoring available… Which Scarlett do you own?
As far as I remember, all of them can use DM.
Check your I/O settings (F4) if everything is ok there…

Well on that track playback worked even if they were not activated.
I do have a DM on the scarlet but have it currently turned of (have tried with it on aswell for the guitar track). It’s a 2i2 gen2.

There seems to clearly be an issue with your audio interface. The Focusrite USB ASIO is showing “???” for input and output latency. That is a problem. I would try uninstalling the focusrite drivers and reinstalling them again. Follow the guidelines for setting up your interface in Cubase and see if that resolves this issue. There are great videos on how to setup your Focusrite 2i2 in Cubase. I would make sure your Focusrite is setup right first. Check your inputs and outputs in the Focusrite Control software and make everything is coming through there properly. I have seen where I wasn’t getting any levels to hear and it was a simple issue in the Focusrite Control software that resolved it.