don't have an iPad device yet still want to get the sale on cubasis 2

I don’t have a iPad device yet but I wanted to still go ahead and get the sale on cubasis 2 how can I do that before the sale ends tomorrow I’m using a PC.Thanks.

Hi Steve f,

Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately it is impossible to purchase Cubasis anywhere else than in the App Store app on the iPad.

Best wishes,

Maybe you could have someone send it to you as a gift to your Apple ID?

if you have a friend or family member who has cubasis, it offers family sharing… just a thought…

Don’t pay full price on it it’s not worth. A lot of the synthesizers sounds are below average.

thanks for answer I need mobile solution for mixing.Thanks

Laborious solution: have friend make full iPad backup, reset it. Next, you set up the iPad and buy Cubasis. Now your Cubasis purchase is tied to your account. Reset it, return it to friend, restore from backup. Or the more evil version, buy iPad, buy and install Cubasis, reset it, return it.